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Temporary Contract Job

Timeline: December- February (exact dates TBD)

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Compensation: Hourly $22/hour

We are looking for QA testers (local to Salt Lake City) to conduct on-site testing for a geo-location based, web-AR experience. The Augmented Reality (AR) activations will be in partnership with local Salt Lake City businesses and the activations will be located within the respective storefronts. QA testers will be responsible for going to their designated storefronts and ensuring the activation can be accessed anywhere within the store and is behaving as expected, collaborating with the Fabric team to make any necessary adjustments.

Prior to QA testing, you will be required to meet with a Fabric team member via Zoom for a 1-hour onboarding session to our web app. This onboarding session will cover all of the expected behaviors of the web app so that you can effectively assess the experience while you are on-site.

While on-site, you will test the experience throughout the storefront to verify that any user throughout the store can access the experience on their mobile devices. You will be expected to bring your own smartphone to test the user experience. You will need to continually be communicating with the Los Angeles-based team during testing to help troubleshoot any issues that might arise with the technology.

Familiarity with AR technologies is a plus but is not required. Since our AR experiences are location-based, QA testers will be our eyes and ears on the ground. Thus you are a good fit if you have high attention to detail and can precisely communicate your on-site observations to our remote team.


Troubleshooting while viewing the Space and communicating with the Los Angeles-based team.

  • Walking around event space while in Viewer to verify with the event staff and Fabric team the accuracy of where the Fabs’ are placed. Constant communication with the Fabric team via texting, Zoom, Slack and phone calls
  • Be vigilant and aware, with rapid response (troubleshoot while remaining calm and communicative)


  • Have an Android or iPhone
  • Outstanding attention-to-detail
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Must have your own transportation to and from games (Fabric will reimburse for public transportation or mileage to get to testing sites)
  • Approximate time commitment: 3-10 hours per week, depending on availability

Submit your resume to [email protected]