Game Day Presenter (New York)

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Game Day Presenter


Live games: September and October (exact dates TBD) 

Location: New York City

Compensation: $225/game

Job Description: 

The Game Day Presenter is responsible for executing against the approved run of show during live game days for a New York-based professional sports team. This will include reviewing the run of shows prior to each live game, QA testing prior to the game day, uploading assets to Fabric’s Creator portal and reviewing onsite on mobile devices. This role will be in charge of managing the run-of-show schedule during the entire pre-game, during the game and at the end of game.

The Game Day Presenter is responsible for uploading content into Fabric’s Creator to create a “Fab” which is an augmented reality post. This Fab will be posted to the customer’s augmented reality space for live game day activations. You will be required to learn and be familiar with Fabric’s CMS called the Creator. You will have your own equipment and a smartphone device. You will be there 2hours prior to each live game day to QA test each Fab. This will include verifying the ability to view each Fab in the correct assigned GPS coordinates, completing all Fabs (for example, scratching the Scratcher, answering a Trivia question or completing a Poll), and verifying that all planned Fabs are working accurately and can be viewed in the correct GPS coordinates. 

You will need to continually be communicating with the Los Angeles-based team during live games and help to troubleshoot any issues that might arise with the technology. This opportunity is a right-fit if you have working knowledge about graphics, have a fundamental understanding of Google Drive and are able to quickly learn how to use Slack and the Fabric Creator. The Fabric Creator portal is only functional through desktop versions of web browsers and a laptop required, and you will be trained by our team on how to use it.

Specific Job Details include: 

  • Learn navigation of Spaces, Projects, and Posts (Fabs)
  • Uploading of each asset during throughout the game
  • Choosing optimal GPS coordinates for each asset
  • Troubleshooting while viewing the Space and communicating with the Los Angeles-based team.
  • Walking around event space while in Viewer to verify with the event staff and Fabric team the accuracy of where the Fabs’ are placed.
  • Constant communication with the Fabric team via texting, Zoom, Slack and phone calls
  • Be vigilant and aware, with rapid response (troubleshoot while remaining calm and communicative during game time)

Position Requirements

  • Outstanding attention to detail 
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Enjoys working with technology platforms (examples: Canva, Wix, Webflow, and similar) 
  • Need to arrive 2 hours early prior to each game in September and October (Exact dates TBD)
  • Must have your own transportation to and from games (Fabric will reimburse for public transportation or mileage to get to stadium and provide on-site food reimbursements according to company policy) 
  • Approximate time commitment: 15 games from Sept - October 3 (exact dates TBD)
  • You must be at the Stadium during the entire duration of the game, including pre-game, totaling 6-8 hours/game.

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